Metsä group is funding 26 projects across Finland this year

Metsä group funds biodiversity management and restoration projects with a total of €600,000 in 2024. This year, 26 new projects were approved for the funding programme for nature projects.

The themes of the funded projects include condition of water bodies, restoration of flowing waters, removal of invasive species and predators, pollinator services, management of traditional habitats and restoration of bird wetlands.

“In the funding programme for nature projects, expert networks focusing on different nature themes have started implementing projects that improve the state of nature regionally,” said Timo Lehesvirta, nature expert at Metsä group. “Our goal is to mainstream the operating culture, where Finnish nature is the force that unites us. We invite all companies to participate, regardless of industry.”

Metsä group has set the goal of strengthening the state of nature in its operations by 2030 (Image: Metsä group)

The expansion of the funding base for nature projects was discussed at the beginning of June at an event organised by Metsä group and the Association for the Management and Protection of Archipelago Nature. The knowledge shared at the event create a basis for the development of a more diverse and stable funding base in projects that strengthen the state of nature.

“Metsä group’s funding channel is an example of the environmental work of the private and public sector to play towards the same goal. The expansion of the funding base in the direction of companies is a welcome message, there is potential in the projects selected now,” added Pekka Pesonen, head of the office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and chairman of the expert council.

In order to achieve the group’s 2030 goal, action programmes for regenerative forestry and land use are implemented, recognising the nature effects of the company’s own operations.

The funding programme for nature projects is the company’s free additional contribution to support Finland’s national nature goals. A total of 67 different projects have been financed within the framework of the programme since 2022. An independent panel of experts from organisations in the natural resources sector participates in the evaluation of the projects.