Metal manufacturers, woodworkers and agricultural companies topped BUCE’s exchange traders rating

Large metal plants, oil transport companies, woodworking enterprises and agricultural holdings climbed to the top of the updated exchange traders rating published by the Belarusian Universal Commodities Exchange (BUCE) based on their performance in Q4 2020. The rating takes into account the number and amount of executed transactions and is updated on a quarterly basis.

In particular, United Metallurgical Company, the world’s leading producer of large diameter pipes, became the most active seller in BUCE’s metal products section, while Gomeltransneft Druzhba, Belarus’ largest oil transport company, was ranked as the most active buyer.

Two Lithuanian companies – UAB Eurovesta and AB Klaipedos Mediena – claimed top positions in the timber section rating. The former ranks as the biggest buyer of the Belarusian sawn timber, while the latter – of woodchips and wood waste.

Agrokombinat Skidelski and Sodruzhestvo Agrodtrade became the leaders in the agricultural products section. The former is a major consumer of meals and cakes of oil-bearing crops, while the latter is a large manufacturer and distributor of these products.

In the industrial and consumer goods section, Brest Meat-Packing Plant earned the “top buyer” status for purchasing huge quantities of sausage casing on BUCE. As for the “top seller” status, this time it went to TigerLesExport as the most active supplier of timber transportation and loading equipment.