Merger between USNR and Wood Fiber Group to offer wider product range

Photo: Elena Rouame/Unsplash

US Natural Resources (USNR) and Wood Fiber Group have announced a merger that aims to create the world’s most comprehensive supplier of the equipment, technology and essential tooling used in wood processing facilities.

USNR is an international supplier of sawmill and plywood mill machinery, aftermarket parts, and technical and engineering services. Wood Fiber Group supplies cutting tools, filing room equipment, and critical consumable products to the wood products industry, serving the North American market.

The merger plans to create an unmatched product range that can deliver complete solutions from project conception to building/installing processing lines, to supplying the spare parts, technical services, ancillary equipment, and custom-engineered cutting tools that their customers can rely on for optimum performance. The complementary nature of the two businesses will provide an opportunity to offer new products and services.

Source: Timberbiz