Mercer Timber investing another US$49.5m in Friesau

An expansion investment project is set to raise the production capacity of the sawmill of Mercer Timber Products GmbH (MTP) by 200m bdft to 750m bdft per year at full-load operation in future. Mercer International announced on 5th June that the cost is estimated to be US$49.5m which will include the installation of two additional sorting lines and an expansion of the existing sorting line.

Improvements to the cutting line is also in the plans to allow short sawlog sections to be worked as well in future. Besides increasing capacity, Mercer also hopes that the measures will reduce labour costs. The investment programme, named “Phase II” is scheduled for completion by the second quarter of 2020.

For the ongoing “Phase I”, Mercer has already begun investment measures worth US$39m at MTP for 2018. According to a source from the group, an additional planing line is to be installed for US$23m, raising the number of planing lines at the facility to three in future. A mechanical timber-sorting unit is being integrated as well, and the sorting capacity enhanced.