Meet The Soto, Texas’ first mass timber project

The six-storey Soto Office Building will give Texas’ its first mass timber project. This project will be in the first phase of a sustainable, walkable urban neighbourhood project at Broadway and 8th streets in San Antonio.

The building will have five storeys of timber structure over one storey of concrete. DLT (dowel-laminated timber) panels will be used for the exposed floor and roof decks and these will be supported by a Glulam post and beam substructure.

StructureCraft joined Lake Flato and Boka Powell early in concept design as the structural engineer for the timber superstructure.

One of the features of the building will be its brick facade, making it one of the first North American projects to combine mass timber with heavy brick – this has presented design challenges that were successfully solved along with the design team. The project is targeting LEED certification.

Soto is the Spanish (Castillian) word for a “grove of trees” or “small forest,” especially one near a river… A place of dappled sunlight and lush greenery. Soto is a name, a place, and an acknowledgment of this building’s ultimate origin.