Meditate, think, and contemplate at the Waterside Buddhist Shrine

Situated in a forest by the riverside, the Waterside Buddhist Shrine is a place for meditation, thinking, and contemplation. Inspired by the connection between buildings and nature, architects Han Wenqiang, Jiang Zhao, and Li Xiaoming had the shrine built under an earth mound with a flowing interior space with respect to nature’s temperament. Consequently, the shrine shows a peaceful perception of the coexistence of trees, water, humans, and Buddha there.

The structure’s relationship with nature is further pointed to with the use of materials. Wood veneers, pine strips, and customised wood furniture bring the outdoor natural landscape in, and to reflect and comply with nature, solid wood doors and windows are used.

The ultimate goal of the shrine, however, is to use the materials and structure to stimulate human perception, helping man to discover nature’s many charms even in an ordinary rural landscape, and to teach him to coexist with nature.


Architects: Han Wenqiang, Jiang Zhao, Li Xiaoming
Location: Tangshan, Hebei, China
Year of completion: 2017
Photo credits: Wang Ning, Jin Weiqi