Mass timber used in new Nelson airport

The opening ceremony for the impressive Nelson Airport was held last week, with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern unveiling a plaque and receiving a behind the scenes look at the newly completed terminal, reported WoodWeek.

Designed by Studio Pacific Architecture and built by Naylor Love in partnership with Gibbons Construction and Fulton Hogan, the airport terminal caters for growth projections in excess of 50% of the current 1 million passengers which have passed through the facility in the last 12 months.

More than twice the size of the previous terminal, the new building has an indoor luggage carousel and offers more seating, airline lounges, conference rooms, toilets and retail spaces. The number of car parks has also increased from 600 to 900.

The new building has a distinctive local feel, with most of the timber and steel used in the construction sourced from Nelson Tasman. The locally grown and processed Laminated Veneer Lumber structure, the natural ventilation, solar chimneys, use of natural light and recycling initiatives are leading the way in the modern terminal.

The panoramic “floor to ceiling” windows showcase the wonderful climate and an innovative roof structure reflects the surrounding mountains and national parks in a combination of folded plates and beams.

(Image credited to Nelson Airport)