Marxent Reinvents Social Media Content Creation for Renovators and Furniture Retailers

Social media teams are under constant pressure to create striking visual content. To generate these assets, retailers rely on product photo shoots which are expensive, time consuming, and result in a limited number of images. Once shared, that content gets stale quickly.


“Social Rooms” by Marxent (Image credit: Marxent)

“Social Rooms™ finally makes it possible to deliver fresh content on a daily basis. Marketing teams can do what they’ve always dreamed of — quickly launching social campaigns that match merchandising priorities and utilise convincing HD renders without pre-planned photoshoots or professional graphic designers. This is eye-popping stuff.”

Using real product SKUs, Social Rooms™ enables an endless stream of inspirational scenes. You can create images from multiple vantage points, move products or change colours around in a space, show different rugs or chairs in the same scene or the same furnishings in a different floor plan. The opportunities to create new “taste test” challenges for a brand’s followers are virtually endless.

With social media teams driven to post multiple times per day, home improvement and furniture retailers need a daily stream of fresh, visually stunning content to attract, engage, and inspire followers and influencers. The costs and logistics of product photography have made that approach impractical for creating the volume of novel visual assets required to generate social media engagement.

Marxent’s all-in-one content creation solution makes expensive and time-consuming interior product photography nearly obsolete. Marketing teams can control rendering costs by selecting the render speed and target budget they want. No surprises. No cost overruns.

Social Rooms™ by Marxent® is a new application, available to all Marxent® 3D Cloud content network subscribers who also subscribe to Marxent® 3D Room Planner for Web.