Mandal Slipway Housing recounts the meeting of timber construction and the open sea

Situated in Lower Malmø, right at the exit of Mamdalselva in the Mannefjord, Mandal, Norway, is a town that boasts stunning timber architecture. Located where the river meets and flows into the sea, the “Slippen” housing complex has become an icon with its unique roof and minimal window details, reflecting the character of the town, and inspired by Mandal’s unique characteristic – it is a place where timber construction encounters the open sea.

Though its architecture is suffused with the local building traditions of southern Norway, its interpretation is nothing short of new and modern. The roofs are pitched in the orthodox way, and the structure’s façades and roofs are clad with untreated cedar. Drainpipes, door and window frames, and other exterior components were also carefully designed to be delicate and discreet, giving the complex a sharp and clean design.


Architects: Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter
Location: Lower Malmø, Mandal, Norway
Year of completion: 2016
Photo credits: RRA
Source: ArchDaily