Malaysia’s timber exports reached RM17.9 billion in 2021

According to New Straits Times, Malaysia recorded RM17.9 billion worth of timber export activities from January to October 2021, a 0.41% increase compared to 2020.

Plantation Industries and Commodities (MPIC) Deputy Minister II Datuk Willie Mongin reported that wood products which contributed to the revenue increase included wood furniture, sawn wood, plywood and mortise wood.

The success of 2021 prompted them to set a higher goal of RM24bn in 2022 for timber exports revenue. The deputy minister elaborated during the Malaysian Timber Council’s (MTC) 30th anniversary: “In line with the National Agricommodity Policy 2021-2030, I believe support, as well as active participation from everybody in the industry, is needed. Such support is significant in our ecosystem, in ensuring the supply of raw materials remains adequate.

“Another form of support needed in ensuring the industry stays resilient is the use of the latest advanced technology, the introduction of new products and provision of a skilled workforce.”

Deputy Ministry Mongin also encouraged industry players to explore alternative raw material sources such as oil palm trunks (OPT).

OPT has the capacity to be used as a building material for interior and external applications, reduce dependence on usual raw materials like tropical wood, and help the palm oil industry achieve “the goal of zero waste”.

“Given that we have now stepped into the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, I believe it is also time for the industry to focus on optimising timber manufacturing and supply chain. This includes revolutionising businesses to ensure the timber industry would continue to be relevant, moving forward,” he said.

The MTC celebrated their 30th anniversary on 10 Jan 2022, awarding the inaugural 2022 Malaysian Timber Industry Awards to 14 selected industry players. Five awards were handed out, namely: the Sustainability and Environment Award, Digitalisation Award, Operational Excellence Award, Innovative Timber Product Award, and Industry Personality Award.

Source: New Straits Times