Malaysia: Wooden furniture industry capable of competing globally

Photo: Tiana Borcherding/Unsplash

Malaysia’s Deputy Plantation Industries and Commodities Minister Datuk Seri Wee Jeck Seng believes that Malaysia’s wooden furniture industry has the capability to compete on a global level, as seen from the high demand for wooden furniture from the US and European countries, and export value is expected to increase in 2021 despite challenges set forth by COVID-19.

“Despite implementing the Movement Control Order last year, we recorded RM11 billion worth of exports and it is expected to increase to RM13bn this year as demand increases,” said Wee. “This is the traditional market that we have and it shows that we are able to compete globally for overseas markets.”

According to Wee, rubber wood furniture has received high demand among the other types of wooden furniture. He said, “The rubber wood is sourced from the rubber industry. The wood is a renewable source, so it is categorised as sustainable timber. After producing rubber, we sell it in the form of logs … hence, Malaysia Rubber Board (MRB) always strives to produce large rubber trees and at the same time produce good rubber.”

The Malaysian government plans to help increase the income of rubber smallholders in the country through an online rubber tender transaction platform developed by MRB.

“These transactions can be done online not only domestically, but also overseas. The tender rubber price through this platform is higher than that set by MRB, therefore, we always encourage smallholders to take the opportunity by using this platform,” Wee said.

Source: The Sun Daily