Lunawood to include fire protection treatment in their products

Himmelbyen, 2017-2019  by The Seasons. (Image: Terkel Bo Grum-Schwensen/Bergsten Timber)

Lunawood has entered into a partnership agreement with Nordic Timber Labs for the fire protection of planed Lunawood Thermowood products at their production facility in Nastola, Lahti, Finland.

Lunawood is the producer of Lunawood Thermowood, a range of thermally treated wood products for facades, interiors and landscaping. Nordic Timber Labs is a provider of fire impregnation services.

The use of wood materials in facades has increased around the world, especially in the growth centres, where architects want to use natural wood products to bring warmth and soften modern architecture and help replace fossil building materials with wood products that act as carbon stores.

Without fire protection treatment, Thermowood belongs to the same fire class D as untreated wood. Using the fire impregnation method, Lunawood Thermowood will reportedly meet the required fire class B of the facade structures of P1 and P2 buildings.

The used technology and method for fire protection is a documented, CE-marked treatment process which enables a consistent quality of fire protection.

“The cornerstone of Lunawood strategy is sustainability. Thanks to the fire impregnation technique we are able to bring our sustainable Thermowood to new heights in larger projects, replacing fossil-based materials. In addition, working with a local impregnation partner helps us minimise the overall climate footprint of the final product,” explained Maija Masalin, vice-president of marketing and product management.

“We are happy that such specialised expertise has been established in Finland. This co-operation increases the degree of domesticity and both usability and competitiveness of sustainable wood products manufactured entirely in Finland in the international market.”

Vincent Parasnis, CEO of Nordic Timber Labs, concluded: “We are proud to be teaming up with such a competent and well-respected innovator in the Thermowood space, and it is exciting bringing novel technology to the Finnish timber market. The global commercial footprint of Lunawood products helps us enable fire safe wood construction all around the world.”