Lunawood partners with Jukola to create innovative 3D wood textures


Lunawood and Jukola have partnered to create innovative 3D wood designs and patterns. Photo credit: Lunawood Thermowood

Jukola Industries Ltd (Jukola), an innovative Finnish production company that creates and manufactures 3D wood graphics, patterns and textures, has signed an industrial collaboration agreement with Lunawood Thermowood (Lunawood) to present original, novel Themowood products. The Jukola and Lunawood partnership is exclusive around the world when the Thermally Modified Tiber is used with Jukola’s patented profiling.

Jukola 3D wooden surfaces comprise of ordinary wooden profile boards that have been specially machined, and can be used without limit on both the exterior as well as interior. This enables a quick and simple installation with an exhaustive range of combinations of the various and diversified patterns and textures.

The texturing of Jukola 3D’s products can easily fit into traditional and modern style surfaces in hotels, offices, restaurants, as well as public and private housing. Lunawood Thermowood, resin-free, non-toxic, without volatile organic chemicals (VOC), and equipped with sound-absorbing qualities, is a splendid choice for interiors.

Armed with six exquisite textures, the Lunawood Jukola Portfolio enables you to actualise individual and memorable designs for both exterior façades and interior surfaces.

“Together with Jukola, we will get closer to [grooming] professionals and architects. We can now offer value-added Themowood products with a touch of luxury. This wooden cladding is totally different than other claddings and will for sure be remembered like a monument,” Arto Halonen, CEO of Lunawood, said.

“Lunawood is the leading Thermowood manufacturer with a wide and professional global sales network. We rely on Lunawood’s expertise to promote and sell our unique 3D technology and design in combination with the best Thermowood raw material,” added Jouni Lehmonen, Jukola’s Managing Director.