Lumber exports from Russia to Japan jump 20.2 per cent in April

Lumber exports from Russia to Japan surged 20.2 per cent y-o-y to 80.6 thousand m3 in April 2019, export value expanded 21.1 per cent to $29.3 million, according to Customs and Tariff Bureau of Japan. Total lumber imports to Japan increased 8.35 per cent to 528.0 thousand m3 with import value was up 4.60 per cent to $192.9 million.


Canada’s lumber exports to Japan fell 2.21 per cent to 140.0 thousand m3 with export value dropped 6.3 per cent to $54.2 million. Japan lumber imports from Sweden jumped 23.4% to 71.5 thousand m3, import value increased 15 per cent to $21.4 million.