LP debuts premium sub-flooring

Leader in high-performance building solutions, LP Building Products, has answered the call for tougher sub-flooring with the introduction of LP Legacy™, an APA-rated product with the highest bending stiffness, as well as one of the strongest sub-floor panels in the industry.

Packed with more resin, wax, and wood fibre, the sub-flooring is also made with Gorilla Glue Technology™, and the engineering of the LP Legacy means that the product also boasts superior moisture resistance that prevents edges from swelling. As a result, LP Legacy carries a class-leading “Covered Until It’s Covered” no-sand warranty, as well as a Lifetime Limited Warranty that lasts as long as the home.

Each wood strand in the LP Legacy panels is coated with resins using Gorilla Glue Technology to ensure maximum moisture resistance, and the resins bond wood fibres at the molecular level for premium performance. The panel’s high density makes it ideal for hardwood floors, tile applications, and homes that may be exposed to the elements for longer periods during construction.

Along with its moisture resistance, LP Legacy sub-flooring’s strength, stiffness, and density translate into exceptional fastener holding and a solid feel underfoot. Less deflection ensures better performance of the finished materials, including hardwoods, reducing the likelihood of nail pops or movement over time.

Other features include RainChannel® notches on 4-foot panel ends to promote drainage, a unique, easy-to-install tongue-and-groove with a flat profile, and pre-printed fastener marks for precise installation.

“Backed by LP’s 44 years of manufacturing experience, LP Legacy is a complete sub-floor solution whose premium performance in wet, harsh environments provides building pros with peace of mind until each house is closed in,” Jim Abbott, Director, OSB/EWP Sales of LP Building Products, said. “What’s more, our exclusive alliance with Gorilla Glue allows builders to promote a high-profile brand recognised by homeowners for its toughness and durability.”