“LIGNA did not disappoint”: Wood Mizer

Wood Mizer’s stand in the outdoor exhibition area at LIGNA 2017

With many new products to debut, LIGNA 2017 was very important for Wood-Mizer.

The world’s largest woodworking show did not disappoint – resulting in the best LIGNA experience for Wood-Mizer in the past 10 years.

The TITAN wideband sawmilling range, a new version of the popular WB2000 sawmill, a new line of twin-rail LX sawmills for professional sawmillers, plus a firewood processor and pallet dismantler were some of the new products in addition to the traditional stationary and mobile sawmills as well as a multihead HR700 resaw with a merry-go-round cant return system.

Sawmill blades and blade maintenance equipment were also displayed. New blade technologies such as the new VORTEX sawdust removal blade were demonstrated on the HR700 resaw and new LX450 sawmill.

The LX150 offers wide cut capacity 


The twin rail LX450 offers a wide cut and heavy duty new features


The range of circular sawblades, frame saw blades, planer knives, wideband sawblades—originally debuted at LIGNA 2015—expanded with a larger booth space.

International groups from Ukraine, Iran, Chile, France, Latvia, South Africa, Mexico, Myanmar and other countries stopped by Wood-Mizer’s stand to see these new products.

The WB2000 wideband sawmill generated much interest and already has been installed around the world

Wood-Mizer President & CEO Richard Vivers said, “We’ve been coming to LIGNA since I can remember. Over the years, we have been working hard to develop and release new products and expand our offering. The biggest change (and I mean that literally) that customers are seeing from Wood-Mizer at LIGNA 2017 is the TITAN family of products which we’re introducing this year – an industrial sawmilling range of equipment including wideband sawmills and also circular saw multirips and edgers.”

The release of the TITAN range of sawmilling products is aimed at the established sawmilling industry and also to meet the demands from existing customers. Many of them want to go into much higher throughput industrial sawmilling.

“Compared to five or 10 years ago, Wood-Mizer has grown a lot in terms of our product range and our geographic distribution of product. The thing that has stayed the same though, is our attitude to doing business and the culture that we try to uphold in the corporation.”