LIGNA 2023: Wood-based panel production equipment by IMALPAL Group

The previous iteration of this article stated that IMALPAL Group’s booth is at Hall 25: Stand J45 and Hall 26: Stand D72. That is incorrect, and has since been corrected to Hall 26: Stands D62, D72, E71.

The Millimetre Wave Scanner (MMW)

The IMALPAL Group, specialised in the engineering and supply of machinery and complete plants for various wood-based panel production, will showcase at LIGNA some of their equipment, from online quality control systems to blenders, refiners, separators, and others. Among these will be the Hi-Jet resination system for particleboard, medium-density fibreboard (MDF) and oriented strand board (OSB) lines to reduce resin addition by as much as 20%.

The group will also present the latest evolution of the all-in-one Cyclops optical sorter based on near infrared (NIR) detection technology, equipped with compressed air blowers to remove contaminants. It is integrated with a metal detector, blower and x-rays, used to remove contaminants from the wood flow like plastic, rubber, foam, stones, metals including stainless steel and laminated chips. With the new equipped module, it is possible to be controlled by up to four users, among which NIR, visual inertial system (VIS), and ABAS utilise the same classification algorithms. With the Cyclops technology, MDF panels can be produced efficiently from recycled wood.

The Cyclops optical sorter

The group’s Dynasteam will also be on show, a system which injects dry steam into the mat before it is pressed to accelerate the polymerisation of glue molecules, thus increasing production capacity by as much as 30%. Furthermore, the Millimetre Wave Scanner (MMW), first launched in 2019 and has evolved since then, will be on display. It can be installed online to monitor mat weight distribution as well as moisture content, thickness and weight of the panel after the press. It provides details for each layer in the case of particleboard and OSB production without the application of x-rays or radioactive sources.

IMALPAL Group will present a miniature production line to highlight the potential of the FBC200, a system which can detect blisters or blown areas over the board’s entire surface. They will also present the CDP800, a quality control device for the online analysis of the MDF panel’s density profile. It is able to analyse 2-60mm-thick boards. The CDP800 mounts both sensors below the panel, a solution which protects the sensors from the vapours released by the board. This makes the sensors last longer, while the performance is not affected.

The group will also be presenting new and modern lines for the production of pallet blocks and pressed pallets, ideal for recycled wood. The DynaPelletPress can reach a flow rate of 12 tonnes per hour with softwood and a diameter of up to 1,200mm. There is also a real scale version of their Smartlab, including the lab equipment required to produce a sample board.

IMALPAL Group will be at Hall 26: Stands D62, D72, E71.

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