LIGNA 2023: Wintersteiger presents range of band saws, saw blades, and sawmills

The DSB Compact XM (Image: Wintersteiger)

Under the slogan of ‘Discover the World of Woodtech’, Austria-based Wintersteiger is showcasing six machines for the thin-cutting of wood and processing of wood surfaces as well as two new saw blades at LIGNA 2023.

In particular, Wintersteiger has four machines for precision thin-cutting of wood on display. The newest model is the DSB Twinhead Pro XM thin-cutting band saw for high capacities.

This band saw with two saw models was developed for precision cutting of hardwood and softwood in the dry and wet cutting process. It is also digital By connecting the machine to the myWintersteiger cloud, it offers automatic bearing monitoring for preventative replacement, automatic block width measurement, and relevant plant data collection.

Wintersteiger is also introducing its entry-level machine DSB Compact XM for the precision thin-cutting of wood. The third band saw machine, the DSB Singlehead NG XM, falls between the first two in terms of capacity, and has a 400mm cutting width.

The DSG Notum thin-cutting frame saw is also on exhibit.

Wintersteiger will be showcasing their new TRC Preclean for automatic wood surface pre-cleaning. Before repairing defects, raw planks need to be cleaned. The TRC Preclean removes bark inclusions or soft parts from knotholes, while cracks or similar defects are cleaned. The system scans the defects, evaluates the data, and processes these areas.

The TRC Panel for the automatic repair of defects in wood will also be showcased. The application units work in tandem to repair defects in top layers, engineered wood flooring, solid wood flooring, finished planed timber, and more.

For its range of saw blades, Wintersteiger is presenting two brand new saw blades at LIGNA: The Prime X-Dust saw blade for thin-cutting band saws has been optimised for softwood. The Carbide is also a new addition, ensuring longer tool life and better efficiency in the sawing process.

In the outdoor area, three Serra-brand sawmills, which have been part of Wintersteiger since 2019, will do live demonstrations of the Serra KE90 mobile sawmill with a 7 m cutting length including ejectors and un-winders for the side or board and main goods.

There will also be on automation solutions in sawmill technology completing the offering.

In hall 25, the Serra-Wintersteiger team will be presenting various saw modules for trunks with a trunk diameter of up to 160cm, the CS 600 circular resaw, and the Shark 200 precision sharpening machine.