LIGNA 2023: Taiwan-based Kuang Yung introduces movable rip saw with infeed scanning system

Kuang Yung Movable Rip Saw with 2D image scanner infeed system, model MRS-450M/610M

At LIGNA 2023, Taiwan-based woodworking machinery manufacturer Kuang Yung Machinery is displaying their Kuang Yung movable rip saw, designed with the American-developed infeed scanning system Quick Rip.

Depending on which model it is, Kuang Yung’s rip saw has a wider cutting width of maximum 450mm for MRS-450M model, or 610mm for the MRS-610M model, with a powerful spindle motor and high-speed feeding chain. It helps to boost productivity and profits by ripping 8-10 lumbers of length up to 3.6m each per minute. The results may vary according to operator performance, timber length and feeding speed, however, according to Kuang Yung.

Compared to conventional multi-rip saws, Kuang Yung’s rip saw is heavy-duty, suitable for mass production, and increases yield by 7-10%. Moreover, its auto-skew system increases yield by 2-3% compared to original fixed fence systems.

The integrated scanner system allows customer to do simulations based on the rip width, giving the best saw width combination for material saving. It also provides production reports, such as about yield, quantity, total length, and cubic feet, and allows user to manage production for inventory control and cost calculation. Lastly, the system is easy to operate without need of a skilled technician.

According to Kuang Yung, more than 200 sets of the rip saw has been sold across the US, Europe and Asia since its inception in 1996.

Kuang Yung Machinery will be at Hall 27: Stand F08.

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