LIGNA 2023: Smart solutions for efficient, sustainable panel production by SMARTECH

Autonomous Manufacturing AI-powered software to bring autonomy to press lines and increase productivity

Israeli-based SMARTECH presents their Manewfacturing Technologies at LIGNA 2023, which aim to boost profitability by reducing raw material inputs and improving production efficiency for wood-based panel manufacturing by integrating production-line experience with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) proficiencies.

For instance, their SMARTWAX System generates an inline water-based wax suspension for better raw material utilisation and droplet dispersion during panel production, delivering a 25-40% reduction in wax usage with no negative impact on board specifications. Functioning with all types of wax and tolerant to changes in wax compositions, these operationally flexible systems are integrated into the production lines of worldwide oriented strand board (OSB), medium-density fibreboard (MDF) and particleboard manufacturers.

SMARTECH’s recently introduced SMARTMDI System lowers methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI) resin consumption by 15% while maintaining, possibly improving, the final product quality. It does so by generating an inline water-based MDI suspension that offers operational and financial benefits compared to the use of bulk MDI. Less MDI with better performance results in a greener product with a smaller environmental footprint. Furthermore, in current times of price increases and supply chain pressures, reducing MDI expenditure offers immediate value to OSB producers.

Integrating AI, SMARTECH’s Autonomous Manufacturing solution computes the ideal equipment configuration set points according to real time conditions. The closed-loop output results in a production profile that stabilises production, maximises raw material efficiency, increases line capacity and minimises variance across different operating teams, ultimately improving production quality.

SMARTECH has partnered with Siempelkamp to commercialise the joint ProdIQ ∙ SmartPress solution, based partly on their Autonomous Manufacturing platform.

SMARTECH will be at Hall 26: Stand C28.

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