LIGNA 2023: SCM presents new automated and connected solutions on stage

The stefani cell E edgebanding flexible cell

SCM is presenting a range of their solutions that aim to make processes more efficient, simplify management, and keep costs, consumption and waste down.

Their Smart&Human Factory system of flexible cells will display how it can produce up to 400 furnishing components per shift. It is mainly aimed at furniture kit manufacturers of industrial strength. The cells are integrated with articulated robots and connected by unmanned AMR shuttles. It comes with the new gabbiani gt2 beam saw flexible cell with articulated robot for automatic loading and unloading, the new Maestro optiwise optimiser for immediate and automatic switching between one mode and another, the stefani cell E edgebanding flexible cell that combines the advantages of the stefani x industrial edgebander in terms of productivity and machining quality, and other equipment.

The Smart&Human Factory also comes in a version for small businesses, an integrated cell for flexible and customised production from the raw material to the finished piece of furniture. The solution is ideal for integrating the office and production area, thus reducing times and margins of error. This version also comes with SCM’s Invincibile si x circular saw that is reinforced by the Thundercut optimiser-cutting sequencer, the Startech cn plus computerised numerical control (CNC) drilling centre for easier processing of furniture parts without repositioning the tools and an operator, and the me 40tr edgebander.

Digital software and services

Also on display at SCM’s Digital Integrated Woodworking process area will be their software and services that support the customer at each stage: data preparation, planning, production, monitoring and aftersales assistance, increasing efficiency and
connecting the office to the factory.

For instance, SCM’s computer-aided design (CAD) / computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) office programming software has been updated for data preparation for Maestro cnc machining centres and the 3D Maestro pro view simulator for machining panels and solid wood. For production planning, optimisation and control, the MES software allows integration of SCM’s machines with any customer’s MES software to direct the programming, management and interconnection 4.0 of the entire production flow.

Other software includes the Maestro Power TMS, Maestro active line supervisors, and the IoT platform Maestro connect.

Woodworking and timber construction equipment

SCM is also showcasing new woodworking equipment, including the new FlexDrive CNC machining centre system attached to the morbidelli m100 drilling-routing centre. Making another debut is the accord 500 CNC machining centre to produce doors, staircases and windows in solid wood.

For panel edgebanding, SCM is further expanding its range with the new olimpic 500 model designed for artisan businesses. Another launch is SCM’s laser unit attached to the dmc system automatic sandingcalibrating machines for creating 3D scoring on parquet, wooden elements,
fibre cement panels, solid surfaces of any length, and medium-density fibreboard (MDF) panels.

SCM will also be showcasing timber construction equipment, such as the dmc system xl, a modular automatic sandingcalibrating machine for CLT wall panels, the new oikos xs CNC machining centre for prefabricated walls, trusses, roofs and log houses, the new Maestro active beam&wall human-machine interface software for all CNC machining centres dedicated to timber construction, and other machinery.

SCM will be at Hall 13: Stands A48, C48, C56, E48, and Hall 16: Stand C06.

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