LIGNA 2023: Leuco expands existing DP nesting cutter range with new DiaCurve end mill

Leuco’s DiaCurve end mill (Image: Ledermann/Leuco)

In the run-up to LIGNA 2023, Leuco will be featuring a new DP nesting end mill, called the Leuco DiaCurve end mill.

According to Leuco, it is a new type milling cutter that has a narc-shaped or curved cutting edge shape, with a unique design of the diamond tablets.

Each individual DP cutting edge has alternating axis angles, which are intended to ensure optimal cutting quality in the surface layers.

In contrast to many small individual cutting edges, the continuous cutting edges and large, continuous chip spaces enable a good chip flow without large chip compression. Clogging of the peripheral cutting edges can thus be prevented.

Currently, Leuco offers the new DiaCurve nesting cutters in five different dimensions. However, each tool is designed for a specific panel thickness range, and that low groove or rebate milling cannot be performed with the tools due to the continuous cutting edge shape.

Even so, the design allows more cutting edges on small diameters. For example, three cutting edges are possible with a diameter of 9.5mm, and even four cutting edges with a diameter of 12mm.

The tools are also designed as inexpensive disposable cutters, which means that sharpening with all its adversities is no longer necessary, as claimed by Leuco.