LIGNA 2023: Cutting tools by Leuco borne from Fibonacci principle

The Z4+4 nesting cutter with Fibonacci principle arrangement

Supplier of carbide- and diamond-tipped woodworking tools Leuco will present at LIGNA 2023 a new concept for arranging cutting edges on basic tool bodies.

The R&D of machine tools for machining wood materials has always strove to find the optimal tool geometry. Inspired by nature, Leuco engineers transferred the Fibonacci principle to the tool world for the arrangement and distribution of cutting edges on the basic body. The Fibonacci principle can often be found in nature for the optimum use of limited space. Examples include sunflower seeds arrangement or a pine cone, whose number is maximally and optimally distributed on a body. This approach from bionics enriches and expands Leuco’s portfolio and is used where it achieves performance improvements.

Jointing cutters with Fibonacci principle

Leuco is showcasing their SmartJointer airFace and p-System jointing cutters, two 125mmdiameter dimensions with the Fibonacci arrangement.

The SmartJointer airFace jointing cutter is characterised by its diamond-tipped cutting blades, which can be changed by the customer on site, and by its constant diameter after the blades have been changed. In the SmartJointer airFace, the Fibonacci cutting edge arrangement produces a fine cutting pattern of the narrow face, even with various board thicknesses.

The p-System with its 70° shear angle strives for optimal joining quality with long tool life. With it, practical applications have shown longer tool life. Leuco specialists have advised on suitable applications for jointing cutters with the Fibonacci cutting edge arrangement.

Nesting with end mill Z4+4

The combination of high feed rate and slim tool diameter can be put into practice with the new Z4+4 nesting cutter with 12mm-diameter. The cutter with cutting length 23 is ideally used for raw or coated chipboard. Application parameters, such as a feed rate of 17-22m/min at a speed of 18,000 rotations per minute (rpm) or even a feed rate of 22-29m/min at a speed of 24,000rpm, are possible. The diamond-tipped cutter can be resharpened several times. The Fibonacci principle enables Z4+4 on the slim diameter of 12mm.

Leuco will be at Hall 15: Stand F34.

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