LIGNA 2023: Coohom debuts with 3D and AR/VR design solutions

Three-dimensional visualisation using Coohom’s solution

Three-dimensional visualisation and augmented reality solution provider Coohom will debut in LIGNA to show how 3D visualisation and augmented or virtual reality (AR/VR) can optimise work efficiency and design quality simultaneously.

Three-dimensional visualisation has been used in various fields in the past 10 years not just for graphics or animation, but also possible for furniture designs. For instance, 3D visualisation can be used to review the same kitchen cabinet in different sizes with different materials and styles in real-time without producing many samples, as long as users have the basic information and picture of the object they wish to visualise.

AR/VR is an advanced feature that can further transform the industry. Using it, the user can get an immersive experience with VR, or fit their products in available spaces within an interior. In other words, this allows customers to know how furniture products can fit their homes with, for example, their phone, thus saving time and money.

Furthermore, Coohom has officially established the AICG Lab in 2023 to achieve Model-as-a-Service (MaaS). AIGC stands for artificial intelligence (Al)-generated Content, and it is a 3D spatial design solution that can be applied on several scenarios, such as home decor, kitchen and bath design, manufacturing, production, among others.

Coohom will be at Hall 15: Stand B12.

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