LIGNA 2023: Cefla Finishing to host live demonstrations of their technologies

Cefla’s iBotic (Image: Cefla Finishing)

Cefla Finishing will be showcasing their latest technologies in their booth which is designed as a finishing laboratory, whereby visitors can observe first-hand live demonstrations of the following technologies:

Cefla will be displaying a line featuring the Smartcoater PRO with a soft rubber application roller, which is a cost-saving solution for slightly raised panels.

The new iBotic Cartesian spraying robot will also be there, fitted with the TIMESKIP device for on-the-fly colour changeovers, enabling zero downtime. For more information on the iBotic, refer to our November / December 2021 issue of Panels & Furniture Asia here.

Cefla will present the Smartvacuum and Smartedge vacuum coating technologies combined to obtain the perfect match between panel surface and panel edge, all within an automation solution.

They will showcase the Duespohl-designed MultiWrap Wood automatic profile wrapping and AutoCut reel slitting equipment that can reduce set-up time, simplify handling and minimise downtime.

And lastly, they will display their Easy oscillating spray coater fitted with the new FCS system, enabling companies to implement colour changeovers without stopping production.

Beyond machineries, Cefla will also present their in-house software solutions to support companies embracing Industry 4.0.