LIGNA 2017: Sandvik highlights 115 years of engineering expertise and service support

Press belt manufacturer Sandvik will use Ligna 2017 to highlight its 115 year history of steel belt production and the wealth of support services it provides to press manufacturers and WBP producers alike.

Sandvik can produce press belts 1.2 – 3.5 mm thick, and up to 4,620 mm wide, helping to meet market demand for high speed production of high quality boards. Belts are ground to a thickness tolerance of just 50 microns (0.05 mm) over the entire belt. The higher the belt quality, the less post production grinding that is required on the end product, so Sandvik’s engineering capabilities are critical to the overall productivity and profitability of the press operation.

The same applies to belt repairs and the company will be showing two of its most advanced repair tools: the new QuickDisc Plus 500, a cutting, welding and grinding system for belt repairs; and the Sandvik QuickAnnealer, a tool used to apply a concentrated heat of up to 600 °C to the weld area to improve the hardness of the weld to a level much closer to that of the parent material.

Group company Sandvik TPS will be also represented and will have details of double belt press systems suitable for the production of carrier boards for the flooring market.