Lian Jiang Huasen Wood Industry Co., Ltd orders new chipboard plant from Siempelkamp

Conclusion of the contract in China: Yao Jiaquan, General Manager Hua Sen (third from left); Yusheng Zhai, Siempelkamp (fourth from left); Andreas Krott, Siempelkamp (fifth from left); Yu Jianlong, President Hua Sen (sixth from left)

Chinese-company Lian Jiang Huasen Wood Industry Co., Ltd has invested in a new chipboard plant by Siempelkamp (Qingdao) Machinery & Equipment Co. Ltd. for its production site in Lianjiang, Zhanjiang City in China.

Lian Jiang Huasen Wood Industry Co., Ltd was founded in 2007 and currently manufactures 100,000 m³ of MDF annually, hence, establishing itself as a leading wood-based materials manufacturer in the GuangDong province.

The new order with Siempelkamp pushes the company to become the largest producer of particleboard in western GuangDong and owner of the first continuous particleboard plant in the southwest of the province.

The scope of the investment includes a resin blending and dosing system for particles, a 4-head forming station as well as a continuous press line with a 4’ x 33.8m ContiRoll® press. Part of the delivery spectrum also include a SicoScan package as well as the cooling and stacking line and the automated storage system.

The Ecoformer SL (Surface Layer) mat forming system built by Siempelkamp subsidiary, CMC Texpan in Italy, also provides for a homogenous and fine surface layer mat forming. Hence, Hua De Li Group is able to save up to 5 percent on materials. The innovative machine design of the wind former also provides customers with energy savings of up to 65 percent due to the loss of pressure in the air flow system, which is reduced by multiple forming systems instead of traditional.

The heart of the future production plant will be the 4’ x 33.8m Generation 8 ContiRoll® press – designed for a contractually agreed production capacity of 270,000 m³ of particleboard annually.

Plans for installation are slated to begin during summer while operation is due to start end of the year.