Leuco releases new finger joint cutter for all PU glue types

One cutter instead of two as previously. The new finger geometry is used for cutting joints for fibre-containing and fiberless PU glue in knotty softwood.

With a new finger geometry, Leuco is adding a cutter to its program that can be used with both fibre-containing and fibreless polyurethane adhesives (PU) glue. The cutter is ideal for companies that make joints with both PU glues, although it provides advantages for all other companies.

Due to the cutter’s various application possibilities, the machine operator will not need to change the cutter in the future, which means machine downtime will be reduced. There is also minimised danger in mixing up the previously different cutters, which reduces the reject rate.

Additionally, the optimised geometry increases the stability of the fingers and minimises edge splits, thus increasing the output quality.


Compared to traditional HS finger joint cutters, the edge life of the new finger cutters is up to five times as long. Leuco achieves this through the combination of the cutting material Solid 34 and the Leuco topcoat coating. The high bending strength of the cutting material reduces the risk of tooth breakage, while maintaining the same finger jointing quality compared to standard designs. This is true even at high feed rates due to the doubled number of teeth compared to the standard design. The benefits of the Leuco topcoat coating are retained in full after resharpening.

The new version ZL 15/15 actually Z4 is available in stock, with other versions available. According to Leuco, to achieve optimum strength in finger joints, all influencing factors such as material, glue, machine or tool must be optimally matched. Leuco tool experts advise finger jointing operations after taking into account all influencing variables.