Leuco launches new grooving cutter

Leuco offers the first grooving cutter with a cutting width of 8.5 mm for CNC machines. To obtain this width, a grooving cutter 5 mm and two passes have often been necessary. The new grooving cutters of Leuco can speed up the grooving process and double the edge life of the tool.

Solid wood, plastics or varnished surfaces: the grouped profile consisting of 5 teeth each is able to saw wood even with hard or sensitive coatings. This is perfect for grooves in cabinet, showcase or commode parts for the manufacturers of high-quality furniture or furniture parts.

Moreover, the new grooving cutter does only generate a low noise level like all saw blades of the g5-System which will improve the work environment in the processing plant. This makes the new saw blade the favourite for the production of wide grooves on CNC machines.