LEDINEK upgrades Superles multi-side wide planer/moulder for mass timber products

Superles planer and the newly developed sanding unit (Photo: LEDINEK)

LEDINEK reports further development of their top series of high-performance planing systems for demanding final processing of finger jointed solid wood beams and glulam beams. Known for its excellent beam surface finish and therefore popular in such production plants, these systems now also enable the final surface processing of up to 1.250 mm wide cross-laminated timber (CLT) elements with the required Residential Visible Surface Quality. LEDINEK developed an oscillating belt sanding unit for the final sanding of the two main surfaces after planing. During the same through feed, lateral profiles for on-site assembly can be easily finished onto the CLT elements.

With this new development, the Superles series is now also suitable for smaller to medium-sized CLT, glue-laminated timber (glulam) and finger-jointed solid wood lines, as well as for hybrid production lines of such products. Combined with the optional chamfering, square rabbet, groove and sanding units, these machines can adapt to all customer’s requirements. In addition, vertical units with 630 mm tooling length and tooling spindle height positioning of 330 mm is available. Switching between planing (glulam) and moulding (CLT elements, profiled logs or beams) is possible at the push of a button and 600 mm thick block glued beams can also be processed. The first machine of its kind will soon be installed as part of a completely new LEDINEK CLT plant concept in the European Union area.