Ledinek to provide equipment for upgraded glulam plant by Pennsylvania-based manufacturer

Rigidply Rafters (Image: Ledinek)

Ledinek will be supplying various equipment for the production of glue-laminated timber (glulam) for Rigidply Rafters, a Pennsylvania, US-based glulam manufacturer.

According to Ledinek, Rigidply Rafters decided to upgrade their existing glulam production capabilities with a new automated glulam manufacturing plant for curved, cambered and straight beams.

The new, upgraded plant has been developed around the Ledinek cold pressing technology, and some of the key components of the production line include: Ledinek’s infeed system for multiple qualities to be loaded into the line; the finger jointing machine Kontizink H 5000; the Stratoplan high speed planer; the Rotopress high-capacity glulam press; the Hyperpress for curved beams; the Flexipress for special beams and columns; the XXL-Cut for customised length cutting; the Superles heavy-duty beam planers for L and XXL beams; and the X-Lam Manager production control software.