Largest wood three stories school building to be built in Japan

Japan’s largest wooden three stories grade school building will be built in the city of Nagareyama, Chiba prefecture, reported Japan Lumber Journal.

This will have the largest floor space as grade school in Japan. The construction will start in May 2020 and will be completed in February 2021 so the school will be opened in April 2021.

Nagareyama’s population has been increasing and new grade school is necessary to cope with growing number of children. Main materials are locally produced cedar and larch from its sister city in Nagano prefecture. The wood volume used for the school is the largest as single school building.

The new school has two buildings in North wing and two buildings in South wing plus gymnasium. The first phase is three school buildings with total floor space of 9,000 square metres, which are one-hour quasi fire proof structure plus 1,200 square metres of gymnasium. This is the first wooden school buildings with floor space of over 10,000 square metres in Japan.

Total construction cost would be about 4.735 billion yen.

In Chiba prefecture, use of locally produced wood products is a part of stipulations so LVL produced by Keytec, which has manufacturing plant at Kisarazu, Chiba prefecture can be used.

Largest single unit building constructed from structural LVL in Japan

E60 cedar LVL will be used for the posts of both North and South wing school buildings while E120 larch LVL will be used for the beams of third floor and beams of first and second floor. Also E60 cedar LVL is used for truss and beams of gymnasium. A total of 1,500 cbms of LVL will all be produced by Keytec. For floor, roof and ceiling panels, 750 cbms of spruce LVL supplied by Metza Wood of Finland are used.

This will be the largest single unit of building using structural LVL in Japan. Thickness of LVL for post and beam is either 150 or 240 mm with width of 120-540 mm.

Truss thickness for gymnasium is all 120 mm with width of either 180 or 240 mm.