Kulbro View, a showcase of what sustainable tropical timber can do

Construction of Kulbro View. Image credit: Thomas Lillevang

What was once an industrial backwater is now a new city with new office buildings and apartments put up right around the old coal crane tracks. Aarhus, the European Capital of Culture 2017, now also has a viewpoint named “Kulbro View”.

The local initiative group for the conservation and development of these old coal crane tracks—or Kulbroens Venner—have ensured that Kulbro View is a beacon of light for sustainability building efforts around the world.

It is constructed out of 17 different tropical timber species from three different continents. Some of the varied species are commonly used within construction, whereas others are lesser known timber species.

”We want to ensure that sustainability is thought into the future projects and introduce knowledge on sustainable tropical timber and flag it is as a possible way to address social and environmental challenges,” says project coordinator from FSC Denmark, Kristian Jørgensen.

“By choosing FSC-certified timber, you know that the timber comes from sustainable forests, where the lives of both animals and humans are taken into consideration,” Jørgensen added.

Kulbro View in Aarhus, Denmark

Timber species used for Kulbro View

Kulbro View will stay on the old coal crane tracks for at least a year, where it will serve as inspiration in a design competition for architects. A competition on re-designing how the tracks should run between the southern harbour and the inner city of Aarhus is on until the beginning of 2018.

The activities are supported by The European Sustainable Tropical Timber Coalition (STTC) and 12 Danish companies, which support marketing of sustainable tropical timber.