Koskisen invests in new thin plywood press

Thin plywood produced by Koskisen (Image: Koskisen)

Wood products company Koskisen has announced an investment in a new thin plywood press at its thin plywood production unit in Hirvensalmi, Finland.

The replacement investment will increase the pressing capacity of thin plywood by approximately a quarter, enable an increase in the product offering and improve product quality.

“With the new press investment, production productivity will improve significantly, because at the same time we are able to rationalise the entire production process and its various work phases,” said Miikka Lehtinen, unit manager at Koskisen. “The press investment will also improve the energy efficiency of production and enable the use of renewable energy.”

The installation of the new press is currently underway, and it will be taken into production use at the turn of August and September. In addition to the press investment, several small investments have been made to improve energy efficiency and increase the use of renewable energy.

“A new steam pipe has been drawn from the bio-power plant for production, allowing us to increase the use of thermal energy produced by our own bioenergy power plant. The number of heat pumps in different spaces has also been increased,” said Lehtinen.

“With these measures, depending on the time, we save 25-50% of the electrical energy purchased. Electricity is only needed for the operating electricity of production machinery, lighting and other household electricity, for example in office premises.”

The Hirvensalmi production unit produces thin plywood and birch veneer, the most common applications of which are various design products, such as lamps, jewellery and scale models, as well as various craft products.

Thin plywood and birch veneer are also widely used in the furniture industry and, for example, in the manufacture of small aircraft.