Koskisen expands its Kore business in Poland

The wood products company Koskisen is expanding its operations and investing €3m in the Kore business, which manufactures interior solutions for light commercial vehicles. The investment will focus on machinery, such as computer numerical control (CNC) machines and other equipment from the production point of view. The new production unit is to be established in Skwierzyna, Poland.

The completed production facilities have been leased for a long-term agreement with a purchase option (Image: Koskisen)

With the new production unit, the production facilities of the Kore business will grow from the current 3,000m2 to 8,000m2. The new facilities will reportedly double the scaling of production capacity. The investment supports the expansion of Kore’s product range into new end uses and the expansion of the current market area.

“Expanding the Kore business is one of the growth paths of our recently updated strategy and aims at Kore’s profitable growth through new products and customers,” said Tom-Peter Helenius, director, panel industry.

Key market drivers support the investment in the new production unit. Growing logistics volumes, strong growth in e-commerce deliveries and electrification are increasing the demand for light commercial vehicles and wood panels used in their equipment and interior solutions.

“The investment will improve Kore’s competitiveness and ability to add value to our customers, and become a significant player in its main market area in Europe,” added Jori Silfverberg, director, the Kore business.

Kore products — which include floor and lining components, wheel arches and accessories for light commercial vehicles — are manufactured according to customer requirements from plywood and other materials.

Koskisen started producing interior solutions for light commercial vehicles under the Kore brand in Toporów, Poland, in 2010.