Katerra acquires UEB Builders and Fortune-Johnson General Contractors in the U.S.

UEB Builders, a general contractor specialising in commercial and residential projects, and Fortune-Johnson (F-J) General Contractors, a construction company specialising primarily in multi-family residential projects, have been acquired by Katerra, a technology company redefining the construction industry. UEB and F-J will leverage Katerra’s technologies and supply chain to deliver increased value to their clients, and both firms will become known as Katerra.

Through these partnerships, Katerra will gain further construction expertise that will allow the company to expand its geographical footprint across the United States.

“Both companies share Katerra’s commitment to delivering increased value to customers by embracing technology and innovative methods,” said Michael Marks, CEO and co-founder of Katerra. “The expertise and fresh thinking brought by both UEB and Fortune-Johnson will play a key role in realising our vision to transform the building industry in the United States.”