Kastamonu commissions Dieffenbacher to relocate plant from France to Bulgaria

Former Darbo plant will move to Gorno Sahrane 

In March this year, Kastamonu acquired a particleboard plant from French company Darbo. The plant will move to Gorno Sahrane, where it will replace a multi-daylight plant that is over 30 years old.

The forming station and CPS at the former Darbo site near Bordeaux

Press infeed of the CPS, which was commissioned in 1996

Dieffenbacher will undertake the relocation of the plant. The project consists the forming station, forming line, pre-press and a 42.4-metre long CPS continuous press. The contract also includes a modernisation and optimisation package as well as a completely new plant control system.

The Darbo plant was commissioned in 1996 and received a press extension in 2000. Its production of about 580,000m³ of particleboard per year will significantly expand Kastamonu’s production capacity in Bulgaria and strengthen its presence in the Eastern Europe.

The plant in France has already been dismantled. Re-commissioning at the new site is scheduled for the beginning of 2019. With the plant in Gorno Sahrane, Kastamonu now operates a total of four plants with continuous presses from Dieffenbacher.