July sees US buying more flooring from Vietnam and Thailand

Vietnam has become a significant supplier of assembled flooring panel to the US with July figures worth over US$1 Mn. Thailand shipped close US$900,000 worth of flooring panels to the US in July, up 30 per cent from June.

Flooring imports from China were US$1.7 Mn, down 12 per cent from June. Imports from Indonesia were down 13 per cent at US$665,126.

Canada expanded hardwood flooring shipments to the US, but imports from most other countries declined in July.

Hardwood flooring imports were slightly down in July at US$5.2 Mn, following high imports in June. Year-to-date hardwood flooring imports were up 24 per cent compared to July 2016.

Assembled flooring panel imports grew five per cent to US$14.1 Mn in July. However, year-to-date imports of assembled flooring panels were slightly below July 2016 levels.

Source: ITTO