Jowat reveals Jowat Adhesives Research Award 2022 winner

Christian Terfloth (left) presents Dr Dennis Meinderink (centre) the Jowat Adhesives Research Award (Image: Jowat)

Jowat has awarded Dr Dennis Meinderink the Jowat Adhesives Research Award for his doctoral thesis on how sustainable zinc oxide–polyacrylic acid systems can be used to enhance adhesion to polymer–metal oxide and polymer–polymer interfaces.

The Jowat Adhesives Research Award aims to recognise innovative approaches and solutions in the field of adhesive technology since 1995.

According to Jowat, the study of molecular adhesion of polyacrylic acid to nano-structured zinc oxide surfaces and its use for industrial processes, for example on hot galvanised steel, represents a progress in scientific findings.

“The findings of this research provide an important foundation for sustainable coatings in composite systems and are therefore of great practical relevance,” underlined Christian Terfloth, managing director at Jowat.

Dr Meinderink has already been focusing on adhesion-related questions since his master’s thesis. In 2020, he successfully completed his doctoral thesis, and currently he works in a staff position within the executive management of KL Kaschier- und Laminier.

The award was given to Dr Meinderink during a celebratory event at Jowat’s House of Technology. A keynote speaker, Pero Mićić, a specialist in future research and management, was also invited, and he talked about the “Map of the Future”.

In his speech, he addressed questions such as “What amount of anxiety about the future is justified?”, “How will our professional and personal lives change?” or “How can individuals and organisations prepare to remain successful in the future?”