Jowat launches first VOC-free primer for window profile wrapping

Jowat has announced the launch of Jowat 406.85, the first VOC-free primer for plastic profile wrapping. The formulation of the primer aims to facilitate not only a safe application but also high quality and efficiency in production.

Jowat 406.85 VOC-free primer
The product is said to impress with outstanding hydrolysis stability and high initial strength, especially on profiles with sharp angles (Image: Jowat SE)
Jowat 406.85 VOC-free primer
Jowat 406.85, the first VOC-free primer for plastic profile wrapping (Image: Jowat SE)

Processed with either traditional felt applicators or vacuum systems, Jowat 406.85 is said to provide excellent results. In addition to the improvement in occupational safety, Jowat 406.85 also impresses with technical characteristics which make it an ideal primer for all application technologies.

“The new VOC-free primer Jowat 406.85 together with the established PUR hot melt adhesive Jowatherm-Reaktant MR 604.90 with hazard-free labelling leave nothing to be desired. The twin pack facilitates occupational safety at the highest level in profile wrapping,” said Maik Johanntoberens, global product manager at Jowat SE.

The benefits of Jowatherm-Reaktant MR 406.85 further includes:
– VOC-, NEP- and NOP-free (according to SDS)
– Good drying characteristics, strong cleaning effect and low odour
– RAL-GZ 716 approval in combination with Jowat adhesives for window profile wrapping
– Meets different local regulations and requirements and can be used around the world