Jointing cutters with owl-wing design achieve noise reduction

From left to right: Leuco SmartJointer airFace, Leuco DIAMAX airFace, and Leuco DIAREX airFace

Recognising the advantages of an owl’s wing structure, Leuco implements this concept into the design of its new generation of jointing cutters. The Leuco airFace surface is featured on the entire tool body of the jointing cutter, and allows the principal effect of the gullet with the “owl wing edge” to canalise the air.

The owl is an animal that has much to offer. Its feathers allow the animal a near-silent flight so that its preys are not startled. Most of the noise is generated by turbulences at the rear edge of the wing. Applying this concept into its jointing cutters, Leuco developed the airFace surface as an example to achieve further effects in noise reduction, and design more aerodynamic sizing tools.

Particularly on the aerodynamic design principle, Leuco has switched to manufacturing the body with defined threads for balancing screws and for keeping the tools’ concentricity tolerance, in order to avoid the negative influence of balancing bores on the airFace surface.

The Leuco airFace surface is available on a programme of diamond-tipped milling cutters: Leuco DIAREX airFace, Leuco DIAMAX airFace, and Leuco SmartJointer airFace.

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