Jingshan Boutique Hotel brings the outdoors in

Situated up on a mountain ridge, next to a reservoir and dam, and north of the Jing-Shan Mountain the Jingshan Boutique Hotel brings a deep historical and cultural ambiance to all who visit.

By studying the surrounding landscapes, the designers made the decision to welcome the outdoors in by reducing the height of the west side of the building, providing the courtyard and the rest of the building with a view of the distant hills.

The architects focused on the idea of “sitting face to face” with nature. In the hotel, the angles and position of the courtyard intrigue visitors, inviting them to ponder on the relationship between “nature” and “humanity”. As such, natural materials were used on site, such as wood, stone, and iron, showcasing the naturalness and rural ambience that can be found in architectural innovation.


Design company: Continuation Studio
Architects: Fan Jiujiang Fan, Zhai Wenting, Lyu Shuang-Er, Gao Qi, Huang Luan-Duo
Location: Jingshan, Hangzhou, China
Year of completion: 2016
Photo credits: SHIROMIO Studio