Jeff Wirkkala appointed new president of National Hardwood Lumber Association

Jeff Wirkkala of Hardwood Industries, Inc. in Sherwood, Oregon, has been appointed the new president of the National Hardwood Lumber Association at the NHLA On Demand Conference & Exhibition held on 22 September 2020.

In his acceptance speech, Wirkkala said, “I am honored and excited to be your president for the next two years. I pledge to give you my best efforts and thoughts. As we move forward, let’s start with a positive attitude that gives us the best chance for success, know there is more we DON’T know than we do know, and that failure is education if we learn from it. Join me in trying to make a difference.”

The NHLA membership also elected a new vice president and five new board members. Jon Syre of Cascade Hardwood Group, in Chehalis, Washington, will serve as NHLA vice president.

The five new board members-at-large will each serve a three-year term beginning immediately. The new board members include Tom Coble of Hartzell Hardwoods, Inc.; Bill Courtney of Classic American Hardwoods; Sam Glidden of GMC Hardwoods, Inc.; Greg Fitzpatrick of Fitzpatrick & Weller, Inc.; and Trent Yoder of Yoder Lumber Co., Inc.