Jartek launches new electro feeder

Finnish sawmilling technology company Jartek’s product development team has finished testing a new type of feeder capable of significantly higher speeds than conventional feeders. The technology is based on servo motors to ensure extreme accuracy and custom steel holders that allow high speeds even for larger dimensions. The electro feeder was originally meant to be already running at a sawmill, but Covid-19 situation has postponed the installation. Nevertheless, the electro feeder is on display at its assembly facilities by request.

Jartek electro feeder is capable of speeds over 250 pieces per minute, and even larger dimensions can reach over 200 pieces per minute. Thus, the electro feeder is currently the most powerful feeder on the market. The maximum speeds have been verified by thorough testing. The feeder is controlled with integrated Jartek automation system. The electro feeder utilises Jartek Smart Feed system for infeed.

Jartek is leading supplier in Finnish sawmilling technology.