Japan structural laminated lumber import prices fall

Prices of Japan’s structural laminated lumber imports declined in 2015 due to a sluggish market especially that of laminated beams where prices dropped by 6,000 yen per cubic metre compared to 2014. The total import of structural laminated lumber was 705,000m3, 3.1% less than 2014. Demand also fell after consumption tax hike in 2014.

Japan’s structural laminated lumber imports decreased for two straight years until 2013 where import volume rose to over 700,000m3 every year.

Precutting companies restrained from future purchase for fear of prices falling even further, and shifted to purchase from domestic manufacturers, which have a much shorter delivery time.

Medium-sized imports dropped after the closure of Stora Enso’s Sorenau plant in Austria while supply from Romania increased because of a new Radauti plant by H.Schweighofer