Japan Forestry Agency requests 17% more budget for FY 2017

Japan’s Forestry Agency has put in an initial budget request of 343.6 billion yen for FY2017, 17.2% more than 2016. 144.3 billion yen will be allocated for thinning and maintenance of road systems; 71.7 billion yen for forest conservation and 15 billion yen as subsidies to increase log production and preparation of wood processing facilities.

Most of the subsidies will be funneled towards procuring high efficient logging machinery, containerised seed bed and CLT production facilities, wood biomass-related facilities such as wood chip plants.

Funds will also be channeled towards researching and developing sustainable building materials and biomass fuel.

About 100 million yen will also be spent on educational campaigns prior to the start of Japan’s clean wood law to control illegal harvest in May 2017.

Source: ITTO