Italy: growth in wood and furniture technology sector for first half of 2021

The development of the pandemic has impacted all economic trends, including the machines, tools and equipment for woodworking and furniture production. This trend has some “peculiarities” that have been clearly identified in the analysis by the Studies Office of Acimall, the Italian association of woodworking machinery and tools manufacturers, about the first half 2021.

According to Acimall, in the January-June 2021 period, the orders of wood furniture machinery and tools increased by 100.3% compared to the same semester of 2020. The demand from international markets – reaffirming the industry’s export vocation – recorded an 88.7% increase, while the domestic market was even livelier, with orders up by 190.8%. Although these results are significant, they have to be compared with the first half of 2020, ie, the period when the COVID-19 pandemic had its strongest impact on the world’s economic and production system. Nevertheless, this growth is not just a simple rebound, but a significant structural expansion.

On a semester-on-semester basis, the first half 2021 showed a positive trend compared to the previous six months, from July to December 2020, with orders growing by 42.2% (plus 31.9% for international demand, plus 49.2% in Italy).

“These figures are encouraging and help us forget the troubles we have been going through in our industrial and economic life,” said Luigi De Vito, president of Acimall. “If we add that the January-June 2021 period recorded a 40.2% growth compared to the first half 2019, we cannot really this this is just a rebound, but an organic and structural trend, witnessing to the global competitiveness of our industry and our role of reference partner for the Italian manufacturing industry, an established model of style and quality.

“Unfortunately, there are still a few doubts about the near future, mostly due to the scarcity of raw materials, components and aggregates. This situation is negatively affecting the lead time of material supplies, a problem that must be solved as soon as possible to stop the rising trend of prices,” De Vito concluded.

The furniture wood machinery industry and the furniture industry have overcome this season thanks to the engineering, industrial, financial and business foundations to support the rally of recent months. This result has also been supported by the incentives of the new Italian plan 4.0 Transition, and similar measures introduced in many countries. The Italian industry keeps offering advanced technology, as a result of its capacity to innovate and make business, which has always distinguished the players of “made in Italy”.