“Intelligent engineering for future generations”: Siempelkamp repositions itself

The Siempelkamp Group has announced that they will be starting the spring of 2022 with a new claim, “Intelligent engineering for future generations”, which stands for the group’s value proposition to strengthen existing expertise with new, visionary content.

Engineering is considered to be the core competence of Siempelkamp, anchoring new concepts and technologies tailored to current challenges in the market for decades.

From now on, this core competence will be flanked in the new claim by two features that reflect Siempelkamp’s strategy. First is “Intelligent engineering”, which integrates Siempelkamp’s expertise in digitalisation into the new positioning. Automated and thus efficient, productivity increasing processes are the focus in all business units.

The digital plant twin, the innovative Prod-IQ MES system, and new approaches to machine learning are a few examples of Siempelkamp’s approach to ensure maximum efficiency in the area of raw material use and plant design, to increase productivity, and at the same time to design product quality at top level.

The second is “Future generations”. This element focuses on the responsibility to shape industries and society in a sustainable, modern, and long-lasting way. Siempelkamp reportedly is committed to this responsibility and directs its entrepreneurial activities towards the needs of future generations.

Examples of their sustainability concept include research and development in the area of alternative raw materials and recycling in order to protect the scarce resource wood. Also, the product portfolio, which is geared towards energy efficiency, supports sustainable production while reducing its impact on the environment.

“Our new claim ‘Intelligent engineering for future generations’ bundles key values such as responsibility and pioneering spirit, ambition and sustainability into a coherent overall concept. This positioning stands for the energy to align our technological competence even more strongly with the future topics of digitalisation and sustainability,” said Martin Stark, CEO of the Siempelkamp Group.