Innovation needed to progress Oman’s construction industry

In order to push Oman’s construction industry forward, the Sultanate needs to embrace advanced technology and resource planning systems while taking the focus away from the existing manual-oriented projects, according to to Dr Hamed Hashim al Dhahab, chairman of Oman Society of Contractors (OSC).

“A more technology-driven construction sector will of course be more efficient and productive, and considerably reduce project costs. Moreover, it will encourage more Omanis to take up jobs in the construction industry,” he told Observer.


Dr Hamed also added that, “Introduction of high-end technology in terms of equipment and project and resource management, including automated machines, Enterprise Resource Planning solutions and Building Information Modelling, to name a few, is the way forward for the construction industry in Oman”.

To understand what needs to be done and what to expect, CEO Shahswar al Balushi of OSC said, “We must diversify the economy away from dependence on oil and gas. Private sector must be given the opportunity to invest in national projects in key sectors. To achieve this, we must encourage innovation, we ought to identify and organise opportunities and we should open the possibilities for the private sector to participate in all type of economic activities with ease.”

Source: Zawya