Indonesia’s new Wood Distribution & Training Centre to boost regional training and know-how

Asia’s first commercial Wood Distribution & Training Centre (WDTC) is being established in Java, Indonesia, featuring a wood-based products distribution centre, and training facility and high-tech information centre—free to associations which commit to training.

Set up by Kuala Lumpur-based importer and distributor APP Timber, the one-hectare site (2.5 acre) will also house a veneer showcase, inviting buyers to inspect a wide variety of veneer species and experience new techniques for veneer applications. It will also provide offices for rental by distributors of wood related products, such as adhesives, sanding papers and equipment.

The first building is currently under construction and will be ready by the end of this year; the second phase is to be completed by mid-2017; the third phase for construction in 2018 is now in the planning stage and the whole project is being considered for replication in Vietnam.   

“This has to be a knowledge centre for the industry in Indonesia,” said Michael Hermens, managing director of APP Timber. “Selling imported wood-based products through know-how is our key message.”

Established in 1998, APP Timber now has 70 employees based all over Asia in seven locations. APP Timber is also a ‘foreign partner’ member of AHEC, active with the National Hardwood Lumber Association, and FSC and PEFC Chain-of-Custody certified. The company’s turnover has grown to $30 million in recent years and is aiming for $50 million by 2020.

Meanwhile the company is working hard to upgrade know-how of sales colleagues, now led by director of Sales & Marketing, Malte Herrmann. The company also has a long-established internal on-line training programme for all sales staff in which they all participate.

“Our sales teams have good knowledge not only about raw materials but also in manufacturing and we aim to be known as Asia’s most innovative company providing imported timber solutions offering cost effective solutions from sustainable resources” is the objective stated to new employees in APP Timber’s induction.